How TwoPictures Gaming Takes CS:GO Esports To The Next Level

TwoPictures Gaming is an esports organization that was founded in 2015 and has since participated in several gaming tournaments. Most recently, its team won Scorpia Tournaments’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Summer League without losing a single match.

We reached out to Slash, one of the co-founders and a dedicated player, for an interview about his organization, team and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you were starting up your organization? How did you overcome these challenges?

Slash: In the beginning, it was more of a clan and we had three teams. We had a lot of members, so we were well-known. After some time, I noticed that it was not possible to lead three teams at the same time. We had no management to take care of every  team. In the end, we decided to take a step back and only have one team to focus on for the goals that we had.

Who are the members of your current CS:GO team?
Slash: Right now, we have a management and a CS:GO team. We have 13 members and seven of them are working in the background on things like our website’s homepage, social media, YouTube, etc. Members of the CS:GO Team are marioos, DragonEye, Neusaap, eL1, pakesZ as the coach, Mandeep as an analyst and myself as the captain. Members of the management team are Husky, m4ur1ce, maX, Shark, pakesZ, WhsipeR, Shadu and myself.

What was it like for you and your team to play in one of Scorpia Tournaments’ events?
Slash: It is always a different experience when you play in tournaments of different organizers — especially for the first time. Scorpia was always a big motivation for us, because we are known there and people fear us so much that they sometimes they even don’t want to play against us. The feeling that the others are looking up to you and your team is awesome. Besides that, it is just a friendly environment with good admins who respect us and are willing to help us at any time. That’s why I think that Scorpia is something special and that’s why we keep playing in their tournaments.

Your team won the Scorpia Tournaments’ Summer League for CS:GO without losing a single match. What was the mindset going into that tournament, and how did it affect your team’s gameplay?
Slash: It was not the first time that we won a Scorpia tournament without losing a game and I think that was why we were not scared or anything. That gave us the power to just play without pressure and without thinking of losing a match. Our mindset is always the same and not only in Scorpia — we just keep playing and motivate ourselves. I think that is the key to everything.

What are your practice sessions and training schedules like?
Slash: We try to play every day and we practice four times a week. It depends on the week and I give the players a lot of space and a lot of spare time so that they don’t feel jailed or forced to be here.

Why do you enjoy competing in CS:GO tournaments?
Slash: The competition, in general, is just insane. I love to prepare for games. I love seeing how our tactics work in-game, showing others that we are not only a bunch of people who just play the game. It’s awesome. Playing with my team is just fun and to win with these amazing players that I’ve known for so long now is just the icing on the cake.

What is one of your favourite memories while playing CS:GO?
Slash: There are a lot, but I think my favourite memory was when we ranked up from division five to four in the 99 League Season 6 after finishing second place. We fought back after a lot went wrong at the start of the league and still managed to make a comeback.

What’s next for you and your team?
Slash: We are still playing in the ACS S3 and there is a lot of work to do for us to get to the grand final. We have to win the next four games to get there and the teams are pretty good.
Outside of that, I would like to travel with the team to DreamHack Leipzig and go to a bootcamp next summer.


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