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It all began with a single community based CS:GO tournament. Meant to entertain the players and have an evening of action together with some friends. That community was called ‘CounterSquad’. Together with some friends and a streamer we organized a tournament and everyone who didn’t play was in a discord voice channel together watching the matches. It was really amazing to see and very cool to be a part of.

After that tournament we decided that we really liked to organize something like that and that we would love to keep doing it. And that is when we decided to create a new discord community for tournaments only. Firstly it was called ‘CounterSquad Tournaments’, later on it became ‘Scorpia&Partners’. That was the beginning of Scorpia. We teamed up with other discord owners to get more teams and players in for our CS:GO tournaments. After a while we saw it went well and we started organizing tournaments for other games aswell. That is when we became ‘Scorpia Tournaments’. After a while we kept adding more games that we were hosting tournaments for and we kept growing really fast.

We recently started working on the next level of Scorpia. We decided to just call it ‘Scorpia’ and we are working to get on an even more professional. Our first step is this new website and a new logo to show the change we are going through. We still enjoy doing what we do eventho we have become a big organization. We will always keep loving what we do, and that is important!

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