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  • Toornament.com

Are you organizing tournaments or want to get into organizing tournaments? Toornament.com is the best place to start your esport carreer as a gamer or tournament organizer. It is a place where organizers and esport organizations meet each other. All kinds of tournaments and all kinds of games, the possibilities are unlimited! Toornament.com also has a create support team to help you out with any, literally any, question you have. So what are you waiting for, start your esports career with a few mouseclicks and head off to Toornament.com!

  • Matcherino

Rewarding players is a very important part of hosting tournaments. Instead of only helping you to collect pay-ins and manage them, matcherino also offers ways of rewarding players for donating. Matcherino takes pay ins and donations to a whole other level and helps you build up your own organization by providing you with the tools you need to do so.

Uncle Nex
  • Matcherino

Uncle Nex is a music producer with a lot of potential and talent. His music differs from other producers. The idea behind his music, which is that life itself is not perfect and so music shouldn’t be either. Uncle Nex manages the music of Scorpia and also creates music for Scorpia! At the moment you can find him on Soundcloud, and he is planning on releasing an album on Spotify.

European Amateur League
  • Matcherino

Founded by Samuel Preston and Jack Lawrence during April 2018, European Amateur League (EAL) is an events organisation dedicated to bringing the best tournaments and leagues for contestants and viewers alike. With a strong team of admins, EAL hosts tournaments, leagues and a FACEIT Hub where anyone can participate. 

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